Mission Statement

The Fleet is an Independent Organized Player Group. We are comprised of players from all platforms; All of which work together sharing information and the spread of knowledge! The command element of the Fleet welcomes new players openly to its ranks. Our Mission is to Colonize, Industrialize and Prosper wherever we might go in the darkness of the Void; as well to provide any aid and help to all who seek it!

All Are Welcome

We provide aid and wisdom to all who seek help in the darkness of space!

Player Minor Faction

The Colonial Fleet is a player driven minor faction in the system Klamath

Cross Platform

The Colonial Fleet welcomes commanders from all platforms, PC and console

Diverse Experience

The Colonial Fleet is proud of it's diverse nationality, knowledge and experience






Our Combat Forces Assigned to provide Escort and Defensive Measures to Civilian and Support Ships.

Alpha Squadron

Our Support Forces Assigned to Provide Scouting , Engineering and Scientific Research.

Sierra Squadron

Our Xeno Warfare Section assigned to Combat Thargoids and Hostile Lifeforms.

X-Ray Squadron

The Research and Development Section

R & D

Want to join?

Anyone is Welcome to Join the Discord
However for joining the Fleet these are the Requirements:

  1. All Members must be registered on Inara
  2. All Members Must fill out the Recruitment Census
  3. Join the Discord (All Communications and Operations are Handled through it)

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