Site Launch


Today is a big day for The Colonial Fleet as we launch our site into the Elite: Dangerous community. We expect to see commanders from all around the galaxy and fleet browsing this empty site, but soon it shall be the cornerstone of the fleet.


Future plans

Explosive the word I think of when I read the future plans for the fleet site. We will be adding many new sources of data and compiling useful sources from all around the community. Information hubs are one of the most important resources in Elite: dangerous as they allow the player access to information they could otherwise never obtain. The Colonial Fleet has experienced and talented players who are willing to share their experiences with the community. We have planned to achieve this with the following short term goals.

  • Catalog of useful points of interest.
  • Newsfeed of galnet (RSS) for the community.
  • List of ship builds for new and experienced commanders.
  • Migrate Choopsha's legendary player guide to the site.


Thanks to everyone who helped in the development of the site, your help was invaluable to the success of this project and the fleet. Also a big thank you to Frontier Developments, for allowing the community to undertake projects like this one.

o7 Commanders